The Secure Guarantee

Full Security Tested

Buying a door may not always guaranteed that your home will be 100% safe. Burglars are becoming increasingly good at sourcing weak points in doors, leading to the cracking of locks and the potential threat of entering a property. We’re aiming to significantly reduce and prevent this and are so confident that our standard Door Stop ERA lock is so difficult to break in to, that we’ll offer you our Secure Guarantee.

The manufacturer has tested the security and durability of our composite door again and again.  At the end of testing your door is awarded with one of the highest security awards available. That proves your door is ready to live your life – and keep you safe and secure.


If a criminal beats your door we promise to...


give you a FREE door replacement.


give you £500 back.


transfer our promise to the next homeowner.

Guaranteed for the next 10 years.

Design Your New Door Online

Express your style and create your perfect door online. With an extensive number of options, make your door individual and choose your style, colour, glazing and hardware – making your door 100% you.